Company Profiles: Roger Payano

This is the eleventh in a series of posts profiling our company members — get to know the Synetic family of actors. I sent a few questions out to some company members, and their responses, as well as some info on the actor, can be found in this series. Enjoy!

Roger Payano

Roger Payano

Roger Payano has been acted with Synetic since the Spring of 2008, when he joined the ensemble of Carmen in the role of Garcia. Since then, he has appeared in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Demetrius) and Dracula (Dr. Van Helsing).

1. Where are you from?

1st Generation American from Dominican Republic born in NY but raised Miami, FL …

2. What is your training?

BY TRADE: Master of Science in Industrial Engineering & Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Florida A&M University BY LIFE: Attenderd the Actor Repertory Theatre at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts

3. What was it like to start working with Synetic?

Unique & Exciting to say the least..

4. How was it different from your other experiences?

Unique because of the style & process of theatre; exciting because of the physical nature of the training. It mixed two of my favorite activities: acting & working out

5. Do you have a favorite Synetic role?

Sans my upcoming role as Othello… my favorite role was my first as Garcia (& ensemble) in Carmen. In that production I got to interact with every single character in the play.

6. Favorite show?

Carmen, I think it’s because it was my first & we all know how firsts can be.

7. Any crazy stories from rehearsals, performance, etc.?

My participation with Synetic is purely accidental. Every actor has “One Of Those Weeks” where he/she has about 12 auditions in a 3 day span. I had just graduated from the Conservatory & auditioned at Leagues of Washington so I had lined up a good number of auditions in addition to random submissions. Anyway I submitted myself for Synetic Theater thinking it was Scena Theatre where a good friend of mind had worked before and I liked their work. On the day of the “Scena” audition I walk into a room full of people stretching and getting ready for a dance recital. I sat there for a second then walked over to the greeter and made sure I was at the Scena Theatre auditions and not some Ballet Audition. She said so politely “this Synetic not Scena”. I smiled, started to walk out and then took off my shoes, rolled up my jeans to my knees and took off my button down shirt (Luckily I had a Wife Beater underneath). I did a couple Jane Fonda leg stretches and went into the audition with nothing to lose. Paata seem to like the possiblities of what I could bring to the theatre (Irina not so much).. That how I became a Synetic Actor, the rest is His or Her Story.


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