NYC In Review!

Synetic Theater performed last week on Thursday, March 11th in New York City, presenting a one-time-only performance of Host and Guest at Columbia University’s Miller Theater, in an event held by Columbia’s Harriman Institute to raise money for the Georgian Studies program.

A wonderful time was had by all! From arriving in the city to performing in front of a spectacular crowd to the eye-popping view from the Terrace in the Sky at the reception afterwards, the week was full to the brim with excitement. Little touches like a boiler malfunction in the hotel (resulting in people thinking the place was on fire!), some great adventures on the town, and gorgeous weather upon our arrival completed the recipe for an amazing week in New York!

But enough chit chat, I asked some of our company members to give me a few details about the experience — here are some of my favorite quotes from them:

Who was the first person you called when we got to New York and why?

“My mom didn’t even give me a chance to call her– she called me when we were getting off the subway figuring I must have been there by the time she called. Way to ruin the magic, Mom.”

“I called my girlfriend to let her know we got there safely and that being in NYC was awesome!”

“Well, it was supposed to be my husband to let him know that I arrived safely, but I was too excited and simply forgot to call anyone!”

Name some striking images/memories from the trip

“The Synetic family on the bus.”

“The hugs backstage after the show.”

“Watching the cast walk together through the streets of NYC”

“Sitting on the red steps in Times Square, lying back and looking up at the buildings shooting away into the sky”

“Playing the song “Empire State of Mind”, everyone rocking out to it”

“Race. James Spader. ‘Nuff said”

“Scott and Vato running around with cameras the whole time”

“Peter Marks’ quote on the Next to Normal marquee, imagining the quote “Birth of an Empire” on it”

“Cheesecake (mmmm… no imagination needed there!)”
“Shopping for grapes with Iko at 4 am.”
“The cityscape off of the balcony of our ridiculous reception.”
“My jaw dropping when I looked at everyone dressed up together — we always see each other in sweats, and it’s such a knockout to see that they all look even better snazzed up!”
“Going to Cleopatra’s Needle for our afterparty…”
“Staying up and seeing the moment where the city fell asleep — and arriving back in DC and seeing the sky.”
What sticks out in your mind as a memorable moment from the trip?

“The whole thing: spending time with my Synetic family was truly special.”
“I don’t think I’ll ever forget finding myself on my back in the wings after the chaos scene and having to piece together how I got there. It involved Vato almost landing on top of me, tripping over blocks, trying to roll off stage but into the set, hitting my head, and finally diving off stage long after I was supposed to be gone. I just remember looking up into the lights and being SO dazed and mainly worrying about whether or not I had set Irina’s cloth (Joqola’s dead body) properly. (I hadn’t.)”
“The most memorable moment was when we all were in the “Terrace in the Sky” for the after party. Seeing the entire cast celebrating from performing a great show gave me such a great feeling inside. We had put together an entire show in one week and though it was exhausting, we did it. We were on the top of an extremely tall building, windows all the way around, seeing the beautiful view of New York City at night. At that moment we felt we were on top of the world, and we were.”
“This was my first Synetic performance back from injury, and it meant a lot to be able to perform again, especially debuting in New York City at the same moment.” (Go Salma!)
“When NYC fell asleep and I stayed awake.”
“Riding the bus home, thinking back on it all — then taking a three hour nap.”

~ by synetictheater on March 17, 2010.

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