Company Profiles: Alex Mills

This is the fifth in a series of posts profiling our company members — get to know the Synetic family of actors. I sent a few questions out to some company members, and their responses, as well as some info on the actor, can be found in this series. Enjoy!

Alex Mills

Alex Mills

Alex Mills has been an actor with Synetic since the fall of 2008, in which he joined the ensemble of the Host and Guest remount. Other roles have included a Demon in Dante, Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Jonathan Harker in the currently-running Dracula.

1. Where are you from? What is your training?

I’m from Fredericksburg, Virginia.  I trained in gymnastics for  a couple years down there until I got into high school and got involved in theater and various speech competitions.  I attended Christopher Newport University for a year and was going to transfer to Boston University to study acting but couldn’t get over the money situation.

2. What was it like to start working with Synetic? How was it different from your other experiences?

I was very anxious, excited, and scared to first start working with Synetic. At the callbacks I attended I had no idea what to expect but I jumped in with both feet and never looked back.  I had to adjust to the incredible physicality of the company which blew me away.  Until then I had only worked on shows from a very traditional background; an intial read-thru, examining the text, setting the blocking.  Here, however, it was all about the heat of the moment; what can we bring to the table with the emotions we have at that time or what is inspired within us by a certain idea.

My first Synetic show was initially going to be The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari which later turned into Host and Guest after the crisis in the Republic of Georgia last year.

I enjoy the family atmosphere and the physicality.  The company truly feels like a family and because of the unique nature of the training there is a solid group of core people that you get to know pretty intimately which translates into a lot of trust both on and off the stage.  And the physicality, of course, because while simultaneously kicking our butts to perform intense choreography on stage we are also developing a healthier lifestyle which permeates all aspects of our daily lives.

3. Do you have a favorite role?

Puck, in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Too fun.

Between Puck and the street there is...Alex

Between Puck and the street there is...Alex

4. Any crazy stories from rehearsal, performance, etc.?

Well one crazy thing happened during Host and Guest in which during a large battle with sticks one of the sticks got stuck in a piece of fabric hanging from the set.  Because every stick was vital to the end result of the fight I really needed to get that stick back.  So I’m thinking to myself ,”Holy crap, I need to get it back….uhhhh, run off stage and get another one!”  So during the middle of the fight I run off the side of the stage to grab a stick but couldn’t find one so I just figure “C’est la vie” and run back on.  Now during that absence of mine Philip [Fletcher] has already solved the problem and has the stick in his hand which he is trying to slide to me which, obviously, I’m not there to catch. So my entry level show had a few dramatic moments.

And I would say Dante was pretty much one whole crazy moment.  Especially the quick change in which Ryan [Sellers] and I had to go from leather and fur-clad demons into full spandex bodysuits to be Spiders.  And all of this is happening in the span of about 2 minutes.  Especially memorable were the nights when my zipper broke leaving my bleach blonde hair exposed (I tried to make myself think it only added to the spider).


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