Dracula Rehearsals have begun

Dracula rehearsals began last night, it looks like it will be a fun process. Paata is going for more than a remount of this show — he wants a reinvention of a lot of the various elements. That puts your humble author up to the task of reworking the fights, and our designer Anastasia Simes is tasked with reinventing the set concept.Watching the original show on DVD reveals something with a lot of magic to it — but the bar is being set higher, and this time it has to better, leaner, faster, and stronger. Quite the challenge.

Greg Marzullo, Cyana Cook, Irina Kovala, Catherine Gasta in the 2005 "Dracula"

Here they coooooome...

Paired with the upcoming remount of Midsummer, this sets us up for a) a lot of work to do and b) a pair of bangup shows to open the season with. Oh, and c) a couple of months of sweat, blood, and drills to make sure these shows are up to snuff.

I should probably go running, my lungs will thank me come October.



~ by synetictheater on July 28, 2009.

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