Midsummer to Remount in the Spectrum

So the press release is imminent and we’ve already posted it on the website, so I don’t think there’s any gun to jump if we announce it here.

We’re remounting A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Ok, so it’s kind of an extension/remount/rerelease special limited edition kind of remount. Remember Titanic? People kept coming, it just kept running. Well we’re a non-profit theater so we can’t do THAT, but we know people really liked this show, some people didn’t get to see it because of the short run at the Kennedy Center, and, hey, everyone’s worrying about the economy, so why not bring back a popular, lighthearted, magically-wondrous-beautiful show?

Not that Dracula won’t be pretty wondrous itself — it will open a month later than originally planned, and we’re excited to have the extra time to perfect that performance…it’s a sexy show.

But, obviously, we all want to see the blue critter again.

Alex Mills as Puck (photo credit Raymond Gniewek)

Alex Mills as Puck (photo credit Raymond Gniewek)

So anyhow, head on over to http://www.synetictheater.org/season to check out our full season.

Midsummer will run from Sept. 17 – Oct. 10, followed by Dracula from Oct. 16 – Nov. 15. Performances at the Rosslyn Spectrum Thursday – Saturday at 8pm, Sundays at 3pm.

“In fact, it is Shakespeare who gives us the map of the mind. It is Shakespeare who invents Freudian Psychology. Freud finds ways of translating it into supposedly analytical vocabulary.” — Harold Bloom


~ by synetictheater on July 23, 2009.

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